Date: 31-3-2016

Reference: 01/310316

Dear Parents

This month will be full of fun, activities, art, songs and lots of information and hard work.

We welcome your child in our nursery on the first week of this month, It’s a get together and the children get acquainted with teachers and other students. Also it is important to gain the trust of children through entertainment.

We will introduce our theme of the month “Earth”. Also we will celebrate “Earth Day” on April 21,2016.

We will talk about the importance of our earth. Learn how to keep it clean. Learn the terrible effects of pollution in air, land and water. Also unhealthy living in a dirty world.

Children will learn about the importance of trees. How trees supply us clean air.

Also we will talk to children about RRR concept, which is Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. They will do art work of recycled materials

Children will learn of things we can do to keep our earth clean and things that make it dirty.

Thank you