Date: 22-December-2014


Today was an exciting day as one of our students, Ayoub, turned 3. It was a grand celebration with all of the students gathering around and singing Ayoub “Happy Birthday!”. There was dancing, singing and a whole lot of fun. But everyone simmered down as the cake cutting started, everyone wanted a slice. The Al-Muthana students carefully put on their aprons and patiently waited for their slice of cake. As more and more cake was being distributed the quieter the nursery got, until you could even hear a pin drop, clearly the students were enjoying their cake. Teachers were very pleased with the students, as they enjoyed the celebrations. After the cake, there was a dance party which was led by the bumblebee class. Mariyam has gangham style down! The party then ended with pictures being taken with Ayoub and all of his friends.

Happy Birthday Ayoub!!! You certainly deserve it.
Until next time…

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Date: 22-December-2014

Fancy Hair Style!!!

This month has been filled with great events, one of which was our very first Fancy Hair Style day. On this occasion students demonstrated confidence, risk taking and had a lot of fun.

With the help of the parents, each student came with a different hair style, some accompanied by fancy attire. Students then came in pairs of two from their respective levels to show off their hair styles to the judges. Ladybugs were first, followed by Bumblebees, and then finally the Butterflies.

By presenting themselves to the judges, the students were able to display confidence in their own, unique hair styles. Each student presented themselves to the judges, smiling and displaying charisma, all in an attempt to win over the judges.

It was a very tough decision for the judges, as they could see the thought and hard work both students and parents put into the hair styles. But they came to a decision of the top 3. In first place was Mohammad (from butterfly), second place was Malak (from ladybug) and third place was Mariyam (from bumblebee).

It was Mohammad’s hair style, accompanied with his dress attire that really won over the judges. Overall, the students all took a risk and it paid off. At the end of the day they were all winners and each student went home with a lovely prize.

Can’t wait for next years!!!

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