We are pleased to write here that the month of November was full of joy and fun. All the students enjoyed every moment of the theme “all about me”. They learned about their gender ( Boy / Girl ) , 5 senses , body parts and the important of personal hygiene, like washing hands. Also they enjoyed our fun days like the red day celebration and Eid Al Adha celebration.

News letter 2014 Arabic

دخول مفتوح لفئات سبتمبر هل أنتي قلقة على طفلك بينما أنت في عملك؟ حضانة المثنى تقدم لك الجو المناسب لطفلك • تعليم اللغتين العربي والانجليزي بالاضافة الى المفاهيم المختلفة مثل الرياضيات والعلوم • نستقبل أطفالكم من عمر سنة إلى 4 سنوات • مواعيد عملنا من ال 7:30 صباحا إلى 2:00 ظهرا

Worried about your child while at work?

Do you want to ensure your child is set on the right path. Al- MUTHANA Nursery offers your child a safe, caring and stimulating enviorment to learn and grow at almuthana, We provide an exceptional learning experience for your child, so that they will prosper in their future education. we at almuthana , want to give your child the learning opportunity to excel in learning and feel prepared for next stage of education, as a well rounded student the staff here is of high caliber and you can feel confident leaving your child in the hands of the very dedicated staff.

What They Say

The nursery offers a safe, caring and stimulating environment. I have every faith in the Management of this unit and great confidence in their policies and procedures and would absolutely recommend this lovely nursery to other parents.

noor al-bader